The Secret Autism Trick

Travel to my mind with me. Maybe the mind that can think of things hard to imagine can’t connect to much, because the words in it can take their own path and never get to the mouth.

The mind where anxious gas is filling the space. It is hard to determine where the gas is coming from. Maybe a noise wants to upset the peaceful day, maybe something went wrong, or maybe having no voice overwhelms you.

Everything calls to you, “Make it stop! I want to make the anxious gas clear so I can feel happy again!”  Then you must act.

A trick that you can use then is this: The Video Watching Trick. It must be videos autism likes. These videos are children’s videos. They are simple really to make you relax. When you are watching, the anxious gas will start to clear. Let your mind watch and feel the really wonderful, soothing waves calm your inner mind.

El secreto truco del autismo

Viaja a mi mente conmigo. Tal vez la mente que puede pensar en cosas difícilies  de imaginar no se puede conectar mucho porque las palabras en ella pueden tomar su propio camino y nunca llegan a la boca.

La mente donde el gas ansioso llena el espacio. Es difícil determinar de donde proviene el gas.  Quizás el ruido quiere molestar la paz del día, tal vez algo salió mal o tal vez el no tener voz te agobia o abruma.

El todo te grita, “¡hazlo parar! quiero hacer desaparecer al gas ansioso para sentirme feliz nuevamente!” Entonces debes actuar.

Un truco que puedes usar es este: El truco de ver videos. Deben ser videos que le gusta al autismo. Tal vez videos son videos de niños. Son simples y realmente te relajan. Cuando ves estos videos, el gas ansioso se empieza a esfumar. Deja que tu mente vea y sienta las maravillosas y tranquilizantes olas relajen tu mente interior.

Year Theatre Has Begun. 

 “Mouth, you have to try to say what I want you to say.”

I think so much about the future.  My head sometimes treats me mad. Hard to make the sonnets you compose so carefully in your head actually come to life.  Having autism feels too hard. The earnest thoughts have nothing caught in them. They are clear and so clear that I can hold them in the real cave of my mind and touch them.  Then, a wave comes and washes it away before it comes out of my mouth. Something has to happen making my thoughts come out. Have to get my head to participate in my mouth’s activities if I can get on with my life.  Too many more things to learn. I have my goals and hopes.  

Pablo and mom at HALO “Camp” in December

My hard moments are less now.  When giving the most, autism can feel happy.  It feels overwhelming. You have so many hard, awesome, worrisome, good, challenging and maybe wonderful times.

Another love has my attention.  It is my goal to make a world where we can unite the earnest helpers with the autistic thinkers to find real solutions.  Going to my learning hard things, I twist and try to act normal, but always have to rock and flap and get my calm. Normal is not me.


Happy memories are made at Christmas. My house was the happiest place last year and I can’t wait for all the guests to arrive.

Want everyone to know that I am understanding. Mom always tells people that I understand everything. Most people get it and that means they talk to me like a regular 13-year-old.

Hope we all have a great Christmas.


Am thinking about my caring family because all of them are so understanding. I know every family must have hard times, and we can too, but I know they have so much love that they can always work things out. My hard working parents have partied with us, playing Wii and acting silly. These moments last in my long-term memory. Love overflowing at many stages.

Make Autism a Good Thing

Would the world think my happy autistic mind is broken if I had really good words coming from my mouth? Autism is having many signs in your brain.

One says: it is hot in here.
Another says: I have to move.
Others: take that cookie. Will taste wonderful.

With the world understand if they could maybe feel when I feel? Happy, hard, wonderful it is to be autistic. With the world try to have autism be a good thing?

We need many types of minds.

WIN_20190525_12_57_51_Pro (2)

Pensaría el mundo que mi mente autista feliz está rota si tuviera palabras realmente buenas saliendo de mi boca? El autismo es tener muchas señales en tu cerebro.

Una señal dice: hace calor aquí.
Otra dice: tengo que moverme.
Otras: toma esa galleta, sabrá maravillosa.

Si el mundo sintiera  lo que yo siento tal vez podría entenderme.  Alegre, difícil y maravilloso es ser Autista.  Sera que el mundo pueda tratar de ver el autismo como algo bueno?

Necesitamos muchos tipos de mentes.



Hard Moments Eat Happy Words

Autism acts like a cruel master sometimes. I am making mistakes when I hold the board. I remember that I made so many mistakes when mom started to teach me with real learning with RPM. When I tried to spell the answers, my autism always wanted to play. It’s hard to explain so clearly. Maybe some word laying in with some other words are tangled together in my head.

Los momentos difíciles se comen las palabras alegres

Aveces el autismo actúa como un amo malvado. Yo cometo errores cuando sostengo mi tabla de letras solo. Recuerdo haber hecho muchos errores cuando mi Mama empezaba a enseñarme, de verdad, con el método RPM. Cuando yo trataba de deletrear las respuestas mi autismo siempre quería jugar.  Es difícil explicarlo claramente.  Talvez algunas palabras tumbadas con otras están enredadas en mi cabeza.