The favorite activity I engaged in when I was little was building words with Letters. I spent innumerable gaps of time wanting to spell, especially spell hard words .

Being mute, I so wanted people to hear me really talk to them, to make the world know that I am smart. I really tried to talk and when I would say something to many sounds were trapped in the attic of my brain.

Teaching me to spell was one of the most important things I could ever learn. For me, spelling was instinct. Not sure why, but we have to make parents understand so that more autistic awesome kids like me can be heard.

Mi actividad favorita cuando era pequeño era formar palabras con las letras. Pasaba mucho tiempo queriendo deletrear, especialmente deletrear palabras difíciles.

Por el hecho de no poder hablar, realmente deseaba que la gente me escuchara hablarles a ellos para así dejar saber al mundo que soy inteligente. Yo realmente si trataba de hablar, pero cuando decía algo, muchos sonidos se quedan atrapados en mi cerebro.

Enseñarme a deletrear fue una de las cosas más importantes que alguna vez pude aprender. Para mí, el deletrear fue un instinto. No estoy seguro del por qué, pero tenemos que hacer entender a los padres de este hecho, para que así, de esta manera,más niños autistas maravillosos como yo puedan ser escuchados.

2 thoughts on “Spelling

  1. I think spelling has been really helpful too. But, when Susan & I are in Chicago, you seem to talk & answer questions more & more. And, I thought it was so cool when your little sister wanted everyone to help her put on a show…you stayed around (with your Mom’s help) & were a part of the show. How can your Aunt Susan & I help or encourage you to be more a part of activities or conversations? We like being around you when we’re visiting!!


    1. Pablo answered: “ All the time I see you and know that you worry. I like so much that you care very much about making needed starts in conversation. Maybe mom can tell you about teaching something at the table. “. (He means RPM.)


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