The Secret Autism Trick

Travel to my mind with me. Maybe the mind that can think of things hard to imagine can’t connect to much, because the words in it can take their own path and never get to the mouth.

The mind where anxious gas is filling the space. It is hard to determine where the gas is coming from. Maybe a noise wants to upset the peaceful day, maybe something went wrong, or maybe having no voice overwhelms you.

Everything calls to you, “Make it stop! I want to make the anxious gas clear so I can feel happy again!”  Then you must act.

A trick that you can use then is this: The Video Watching Trick. It must be videos autism likes. These videos are children’s videos. They are simple really to make you relax. When you are watching, the anxious gas will start to clear. Let your mind watch and feel the really wonderful, soothing waves calm your inner mind.

El secreto truco del autismo

Viaja a mi mente conmigo. Tal vez la mente que puede pensar en cosas difícilies  de imaginar no se puede conectar mucho porque las palabras en ella pueden tomar su propio camino y nunca llegan a la boca.

La mente donde el gas ansioso llena el espacio. Es difícil determinar de donde proviene el gas.  Quizás el ruido quiere molestar la paz del día, tal vez algo salió mal o tal vez el no tener voz te agobia o abruma.

El todo te grita, “¡hazlo parar! quiero hacer desaparecer al gas ansioso para sentirme feliz nuevamente!” Entonces debes actuar.

Un truco que puedes usar es este: El truco de ver videos. Deben ser videos que le gusta al autismo. Tal vez videos son videos de niños. Son simples y realmente te relajan. Cuando ves estos videos, el gas ansioso se empieza a esfumar. Deja que tu mente vea y sienta las maravillosas y tranquilizantes olas relajen tu mente interior.

6 thoughts on “The Secret Autism Trick

  1. Pablo:

    When you described how the “anxious gas” affects you, I could empathise and relate.

    I was able to watch a Chinese New Year episode of Peppa Pig.

    And I find I like James Horner and the Land Before Time and Once Upon a Time in America.

    And Lorena McKennit.

    Sometimes I use videos to energise me too and the anxious gas dissipates. Or it is directed.

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