Do you feel like this year is going to be better than last? Feel hopeful.

Last year was hard. The forward times need to be what I focus on. I have too many things I want to say, but I will focus on one.

I am fortunate to be participating in a great event. Loving composers will make music to my words. Great singers will sing the words. Have to love that they will amplify our autistic words. Have to have mom show you how to see it.

(From Pablo’s mom:)
This virtual concert is by the LYNX project and will be presented online on May 21st at 7pm (central time)
You can find videos of their work here:

From the LYNX pen pals video

Hacia adelante

¿Sientes que este año será mejor que el año pasado? Ten esperanza.

El año pasado fue difícil. Necesito enfocarme en los tiempos venideros. Tengo muchas cosas que quiero decir, pero me enfocaré en una.

Soy afortunado al participar en un gran evento. Los amorosos compositores le pondrán música a mis palabras. Grandes cantantes cantaron las palabras. Tengo que amar el hecho que ellos amplificarán nuestras palabras autistas. Tengo que hacer que muestre como verlo.

(De parte de la mamá de Pablo:) Este concierto virtual será presentado por el proyecto LYNX y será vía internet el 21 de mayo 2021 a las 7:00 hora de Chicago. Podrán encontrar más videos de su trabajo aquí:

5 thoughts on “Forward

  1. hello! i am autistic and nonverbal/mute too. i’ve never met anyone else like me, i really enjoyed reading your blog. (i must have read it two or three times in my excitement.) your writing is lovely and your words about how the world needs brains like ours, made me feel very happy. i am not sure if you can message people on wordpress, i only signed up to make this comment, but if you wanted to chat or maybe be friends, i am here. thank you for writing your blog and i do think this year will be much better!


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